In the fall, when trees and shrubs head into shoot dormancy, plants focus their energy on root growth.  Cooler temperatures, warm soil and rainfall naturally encourage rapid root growth, making it an ideal time to plant.

Soil in our area is typically clay, so we recommend amending with new topsoil and composted manure in a ratio of 1/3 existing soil, 1/3 new topsoil and 1/3 composted manure.  This composition gives roots nutrition, and breaks up material for easier spread and establishment.  Cover the area around your planting with approx. 2″ of mulch to help retain moisture, but take care not to pile thicker near base of tree which can cause mold to grow.

Watering and fertilizing are key for plants to establish.  Give them a slow soak to allow water to drain through to the root ball.  Quick floods of water result in run off, robbing the roots of essential water.  Watch the weather – don’t wait too long for a forecasted rain, or let a short downpour fool you into thinking the watering is taken care of.  For trees and shrubs, we recommend a final fertilization in the fall to fuel root growth before winter.  Espoma’s slow-release plant food products like HollyTone, TreeTone and PlantTone are organic, granular fertilizers that offer continuous feeding.

Selecting the right plant is important too.  When choosing the right tree or shrub for your yard, you need to consider area, sun/shade and wind.  Our experienced nursery staff can help recommend the right tree or shrub for your landscape, and is available to help troubleshoot and advise all year round!    We also offer delivery and planting services in Medina and the surrounding area.

Stop in and see our quality selection of evergreens, ornamentals and shade trees ranging from 3-gallon container size to large ball-and-burlap (B&B) specimens.  Boyert’s trees & shrub guarantee: 50% for 6 months.  Your Gardening Success Begins at Boyert’s!

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