Concolor Fir (White Fir) – Abies Concolor

A popular evergreen with bluish or silvery-green, short needles that keeps a nice pyramidal shape and is tolerant to heat and winter cold.  Often used in urban landscaping for its ornamental appeal.  Also a great windbreak tree.

Sun Preference: Full sun to part shade
Mature Size: Height 30-50’, spread 15-20’
Growth Rate: Slow to medium, 12-24” per year
Benefits: Pleasant citrus smell, non-allergenic
Planting Note: Requires well-draining soil with lots of compost.

Sky Pencil Holly (Japanese Holly) – Ilex Crenata

A great fit for small spaces with a narrow, column-like appearance that is excellent for an entryway accent or hedges.  An evergreen with dark green, glossy foliage resembling boxwood that attracts birds with ornamental berries in early summer.  Easy care, requiring minimal pruning to maintain its shape.

Sun Preference: Full sun/Part Sun
Mature Size: Height 6-8’, spread 2-3’
Growth Rate: Somewhat slow
Benefits: Minimal pruning, leaves not prickly
Planting Note: Grows well in containers for urban gardens

Black Lace Elderberry (Black Elder) – Sambucus Nigra

A large, upright, deciduous shrub that makes an excellent substitute for the Japanese Maple.  Dark purple foliage with beautiful pink flowers that bloom in early summer turning to dark blackish-red elderberries in the fall.  Regular pruning of the foliage of this cultivar will promote growth of additional purple leaves

Sun Preference: Full Sun/Part Sun
Mature Size: height 6-8’, spread 5’
Growth Rate: Somewhat slow
Deer Resistant: Yes
Benefits: Fall fruit attracts birds
Planting Note: Tough enough for roadsides or naturalizing. Good in wet soils.

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea – Hydrangea Paniculata

This is one of the most winter hardy of the hydrangeas, and thrives in urban conditions. A showy shrub with conical, terminal flower panicles blooming June through September.  Blooms white, then turns pink-red within weeks.

Sun Preference: Full Sun/Part Sun
Mature Size: Height 3-5’, spread 3-5’
Growth Rate: Vigorous, fast growing
Pruning: Bloom occurs on current season’s growth, so prune as needed to thin out in late winter to early spring.
Benefits: Long bloom period – early, mid and late summer, cut flower

Fine Line Buckthorn – Rhamnus Frangula

Its tropical fern-like appearance serves as a great privacy screen or backdrop for perennials.  This deciduous shrub has green foliage that turns yellow in fall.  Low maintenance with small creamy white flowers in the spring.  Appearance is reminiscent of bamboo, and is an excellent substitute for grasses.

Sun Preference: Full Sun/Part Sun
Mature Size: height 5-7’, spread 2-3’
Growth Rate: Slow
Deer Resistant: Yes
Benefits: Attracts birds in the fall
Planting Note: Very adaptable, prefers well-drained soil

Tricolor Beech (European Beech) – Fagus Sylvatica ‘Roseo Marginata’

Considered both a shade tree and an ornamental tree with a spreading canopy capable of blocking sunlight.  Variegated leaves are green, pink or white in the summer turning a rich russet golden bronze color in the fall.  Its brown beechnuts are enjoyed by birds and mammals alike.

Sun Preference: Full Sun/Part Sun
Mature Size: height 26-30’, spread 10-20’
Growth Rate: Slow to Medium, 12-24” per year
Deer Resistant: Yes
Planting Note: Best grown in deep, rich, moist but well-drained soils in part shade

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