Echinacea Sombrero Salsa Red

Sombrero Salsa Red is a red daisy-like flower with a red cone center. It is slightly scented, and its petals retain a bright red color, making them a perfect cut flower. Add them to your butterfly or pollinator garden and enjoy their beauty!

Common name: Coneflower
Sun/shade: Full Sun
Height: 18-20 inches
Spread: 22-24 inches
Bloom time: Summer, fall (until the first frost)
Resistant to: Cold, deer, disease, drought and heat
Benefits: attracts butterflies and songbirds, fragrant, nice cut flower, US native

Coreopsis Li’l Bang Daybreak

These little Li’l guys are perfect for smaller gardens or in nooks and crannies.  Growing only  8-12“ tall and blooming all season, Li’l Daybreak is also great to use in combination planters.

Common name: Tickseed
Sun/shade: Full sun
Height: 8-12 inches
Spread: 12-18 inches
Bloom time:  Late Spring, Summer, Fall
Resistant to: Deer, drought, cold and disease
Benefits: attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, nice cut flowers

Geranium Rozanne

Rozanne Geranium is beautiful perennial with a small violet-blue flower and a white center. It blooms all summer and into the early fall. It has a finer cut foliage leaf that is easy on the eye and accents its vibrant flower. Rozanne Geranium grows in borders, rock and cottage gardens. Add this perennial to your bed to add that extra pop and fullness.

Common name: Cranesbill
Sun/shade: Full sun/part sun
Height: 18-20 inches
Spread: 24-36 inches
Bloom time: Summer- early fall
Resistant to: Deer, rabbit
Benefits: attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Hosta Guacamole

Hosta Guacamole is a low-maintenance perennial with a variegated leaf. It resembles the color of a freshly cut avocado. In the mid-summer months, Guacamole produces a tall, fragrant flower rising up to 36 inches.

Common name: Plantain Lily
Sun/shade: Part/full shade
Height: 22 inches
Spread: 38 inches
Bloom time: Summer
Benefits: winter protection for birds and small animals

Heuchera Spellbound

Heuchera Spellbound is a ruffled foliage with a rose-purple tone and silver accents. Its white dainty flower adds contrast to its darker, veiny leaf.

Common name: Coral Bell
Sun/shade: Full shade/Part sun
Height: 9 inches (with flower 16 inches)
Spread: 12 inches
Bloom time: Late spring- midsummer
Resistant to: Deer, rabbit
Benefits: great for borders and woodland areas

Miscanthus Sinensis Variegatus

Variegatus is a variegated grass and grows in an arching, round clump. Its foliage is a green, white combination. After a hot growing season, the Variegated Maiden Grass produces a red tinted flower that extends from a stalk. Plant this grass in your yard to add color into the early fall. Showy plants persist into winter for good winter interest.

Common name: Variegated Maiden Grass
Sun/shade: Full/part sun
Height: 5-9 feet
Spread: 4-5 feet
Bloom time: Early fall
Resistant to: Drought, deer
Benefits: winter protection for birds and small animals

Buddleia dav. “Black Knight”

Buddleia dav. “Black Knight” produces extremely sweet, fragrant, dark purple flowers on arching stems, attracting all types of butterflies to your garden.  This butterfly bush blooms from midsummer into the fall with proper deadheading.

Common name: Butterfly Bush
Sun/shade: Full sun
Height: 4-5 feet
Spread: 5 feet
Bloom time: June until frost
Resistant to: Deer and rabbits
Benefits: attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, fragrant

Sedum Spectabile Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire is an ideal perennial for a late summer, early fall bloom. It produces blossoms resembling broccoli. Its enormous, light pink flower is attractive to butterflies and can be used as a cut flower.

Common name:  Autumn Joy Sedum
Sun/shade: Full/part sun
Height: 18-23 inches
Spread: 18-23 inches
Bloom time: Late summer-late fall
Resistant to: Drought and heat
Benefits: attracts butterflies and birds, winter interest

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