Birding is a great hobby for young and old and an enjoyment for any season.

Our great line of bird houses, feeders and bird baths will attract life and nature to your garden. Feeding birds with our wide selection of bird seed, thistle seed, and suet, will keep the birds returning all season! New bird books make a great gift for the hobbyist or the nature enthusiast wanting to learn about the identification and habitat of area birds.  Birding is a great family hobby for young and old and an enjoyment no matter what the season.

Birding Facts

Did you know?

Spring Cleaning of your bird feeders and bird houses will keep wild birds returning by disinfecting and discarding old seed that may mold. Fresh clean seed is more appealing and nutritious. Sanitize with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts hot water
Suet will attract your clinging wild birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, finches, chickadees and even bluebirds. It is an ideal food source for cold weather feeding and provides them with their daily nutrition
Hang up new birdhouses to attract birds such as chickadees and wrens. You will be surprised what will nest in your yard. Make sure the house is the appropriate size.
Ohio will see a return of spring migration of birds like hummingbirds, baltimore orioles and warblers. Provide the proper food or nectar for them.
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