There’s a houseplant for every person.

Easy-to-care-for succulents and air plants don’t require much water and grow slowly.  Peace lilies, Chinese evergreens and dracenas don’t require much light or care.  Whether you are seeking colorful blooms, interesting foliage or cascading leaves, we can help you find the right houseplant to brighten your room, purify the air or give as a gift.

Our glasshouse is filled with common and exotic plants filling the air with the scent and feel of a botanical garden.  Stop in and enjoy!

Have a plant that is struggling?  Bring it in!  Our glasshouse staff will help determine the problem whether it’s disease, pests or conditional, and get your plant back on the road to health.

We also offer:

  • Replanting and repotting services
  • Live custom arrangements for birthdays, special occasions or funerals
  • Ceramic and plastic pots, and glass terrariums
  • Tropical and citrus trees
  • Seasonal live flowers & bulbs (tulips, hyacinth, poinsettias, cyclamen, primose)
  • Miniature gardens
  • Local delivery
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