Give your gardens a second life: plant a second lettuce crop and cut flowers back, giving them another shot of fertilizer.

Miracle-Gro’s Bloom Booster and Espoma’s Garden Tone will help stimulate new growth.


  • Do NOT cut your grass too short during hot weather; set your mower deck to 3-4”.


  • Re-apply Bayer’s All-In-One Rose & Flower Care every 6 weeks.


  • Continue to weed and water regularly; 1″-2″ of water per week is recommended.
  • Continue planting perennials.
  • Dig, divide and move daylilies after they have finished blooming.
  • Stop fertilizing perennials after August 15, allowing them to go dormant before the cold weather.
  • Kill weedy perennial grasses in your lawn so you can re-seed grass early in September.
  • Cut down stems of hollyhocks if rust-colored spots appear on the undersides of leaves.
  • Deadhead annuals and perennials as needed.
  • Plant fall crop of peas, spinach and lettuce.
  • Keep fertilizing your hanging baskets 1-3 times per week to prolong their beauty.
  • Add Espoma’s Tomato-Tone to address soil calcium deficits that can cause blossom end rot.


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