Planter & Hanging Basket Tips:

For a spectacular show of flowers, plant with Osmocote fertilizer (a 4-month, slow release plant food) then fertilize with Miracle-Gro Liquid Feed once a week through July, twice a week in August.  To keep petunias and verbena plants strong and flushing new blooms, give them a haircut every three weeks trimming back 2-3 inches.

Organic Vegetable Garden Tips:

Now that you’ve planted, apply Espoma’s Garden-tone once a month and Tomato-tone every 2 weeks until harvest.  Garden-tone is a slow release, all natural plant food that won’t burn or leach away. Tomato-tone is enriched with calcium to help prevent blossom end rot on the fruit.

Neem Oil by Bonide is an organic solution for fungus and insect control on all plants (vegetables, roses, flowers, trees & shrubs).  Apply early as a preventative treatment; this product can be used up to a day before harvest.

Rose Care Tips:

A must for all rose gardens, apply Bayer 3-in-1 Rose Care to bushes every 5-6 weeks.  This easy granular solution, which doesn’t require spraying or mixing, is a fertilizer, insect and fungus control all in one.  Roses love water, remember they are propagated in Oregon where they have a lush wet summer.  Every other week, water with Miracle-Gro Liquid Feed.  Roses will smile back at you and give you a healthier, stronger and definitely beautiful flowers to enjoy.

Soil Tips:
After good rains, soil gets hard and compact.  Work up soil with a hoe to let air into the soil.  Plants will thank you with a larger production of fruit.

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