Let’s keep the success you started at your home going

Greetings from Boyert’s Greenhouse & Farm.

In March, when we kicked off the spring season, who would have thought how good a spring it was to be for gardening after such a long winter.  First off, Patti and I along with our staff want to give you all a big Thank You for your support at Boyert’s this gardening season.  Many gardens have gone in – new landscapes along with many beautiful flower beds and planters.  So let’s keep the success you started at your home going – let’s talk gardening!

  • Garden Tips: Fertilize the garden with Garden~Tone or Tomato~Tone for all the veggies.  Keeps plants healthy and strong.  Healthy plants promote abundant fruit.  Use a fungicide and insecticide to keep disease and insects away.  With all the rain, keep the garden soil worked up to get air to the roots.  When plants start to set fruit use straw to keep weeds from coming up after you til soil for the last time.
  • Planters: Plants today love the nitrogen.  Use MiracleGro fertilizer at least two times a week when you are watering them everyday.  For those with larger planters, osmocote time-release fertilizer will also work.  This fertilizer will break out every time you water.
  • Slugs: With all the rain keep an eye out for holes in the plants or eaten leaves.  It’s a good chance you have these nasty slugs.
  • Rain & Humidity: With all this rain comes the flies and mosquitoes.  Mosquito Beater by Bonide is all natural.  Sprinkle around the areas where you entertain.  This product lasts up to 3 weeks compared; may have to be reapplied after a hard rain.  Citronella plants look good in the garden and also help against those nasty bugs.  We carry both.

The gardens at Boyerts are starting to take shape.  As the summer progresses, we would love to have you stop in so we can showcase what we have done in our landscape.  We are having a Summer Photo Series Contest for all your wonderful creations that you have done at your homes.  Check out our Facebook page to get the scoop.  Would love to see what you all have created.

We have many new plants in the greenhouse for all your last minute shopping.  Garden art to accent all those beautiful beds to stop in.  Now is the time to enjoy your patio gardens and outdoor living spaces.  Looking forward to seeing you all again and Happy Gardening!

Keep the Faith and have a safe and healthy summer!

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