Even though we can’t dig in the dirt just yet, we still have some tips and ideas for gardener’s indoors and out!


  • Salt used to melt ice on walks and driveways can damage plants and lawns. Take care when spreading salt to avoid contact with your plant material.
  • Clean, sharpen and repair shovels, spades, hoes and pruners.
  • Repair fences and trellises.
  • Check trees and shrubs for rodent feeding or damage.
  • Provide food and water for your backyard feathered friends.


  • Start some cat grass in pots for your feline.
  • Keep houseplants away from frosty windowsills, and repot any that are rootbound.
  • Grow fresh parsley and other herbs in a sunny window.
  • Inspect stored roots, corms and tubers and pitch any that are soggy or show signs of rot.
  • Succulent gardens require little care or space, but be sure to plant in a cactus soil (or a potting mix amended with sand). Let them dry out between watering.
  • Begin indoor seeding of annuals, perennials and herbs.


  • Give your Valentine a miniature rose or a gift certificate to choose their favorite gardening item.
  • Add winter garden art such as statuary, birdbaths and wind chimes to your garden.
    • Winter is a good time for garden dreaming… Look through magazines and catalogues for new gardening ideas. Research and try a few new varieties this year.  Consider fragrance when planning for the garden.
  • Attend Home & Garden Shows for new ideas.
  • Join a garden club or civic beautification group.
  • Visit a botanical garden or our greenhouse for some tropical beauty!


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