Greetings everyone, from Boyert’s Greenhouse.

The spring season has come and our plant material in all the greenhouses are looking great.  We have many new varieties of plants for your garden pots and beds, and they are performing well in the greenhouse.  The spring fashion show is about to start so come in and browse for your ideas this spring and say hello.

The nursery is filling up with shrub material for the yard and the quality is great.  Perennials are showing up this week, and Tina is excited to get going.

Cold crops have been set out this week– cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and much more.   We planted onions, potatoes, broccoli and peas in our garden last Sunday.  The soil was just great.

We have a new soil conditioner for the garden called Happy Frog, which will fortify your garden organically.  This is a great new, must-have product for all you avid gardeners.  If you are looking for composted manure, we have a cattle farm where it has been composted for a year and it looks really great.  Sold only in bulk.  Come in to get your garden growing.

The new greenhouse that we added to Range 2 this year is full, and it has already been a great addition for growing our flats of annuals this Spring.  The flats and hanging baskets in the new structure look awesome.

We have some new help at Boyert’s this year that are just great additions to our team.  They are looking forward to visiting with you all!  Look for pictures of our entire team in the near future on Facebook and our web page.

We have our first Early Bird Special in the nursery on April 25th from 6:00am – 10:00am.  It’s a great chance to acquire new plant material for your yard at 30% off.  We will have the coffee ready!

Happy people look younger, so put a smile on your face and come in and visit.
Live the dream, keep the faith and let’s rock out a great spring gardening!

See ya all soon,

Michael & Patti Boyert and staff

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