Greetings and Happy Spring to all of you who are dreaming of the warm weather to come.

Spring has come to Boyert’s with pansies ready to dot your landscape, porch, or just a gift to a friend or neighbor.  Their little faces are popping up all over our greenhouses.

The lawns are awakening this spring and getting ready for their annual feeding for the summer to come.  Prevent weeds and feed your lawn with Scotts 4-step program.  Save money and do it yourself!  Rebates from Scotts and a gift certificate from Boyerts will be available at the time of purchase.  You’re the lawn pro – feed your lawn.

Other signs of spring at Boyerts that explode every day are the flowers that we have started.  Geraniums, petunias and heliotrope to name a few are beginning to pop with color and will soon be ready for inspection by everyone.  The broccoli, cabbage and all cold crops have been transplanted and will be ready to set out in the gardens in about 2 weeks.  I sowed my first tomato seeds on March 22nd , and our first pepper seeds will be ready to transplant by the weekend.

We have built a new greenhouse at Boyerts and we are getting ready to set all the flats of flowers to grow in it.  Drop in, browse around, and watch the progression of the plants.  It’s amazing, the weekly growth you get when you have sun and longer days!

Last of all, the birds are starting their mating season.  They’re singing and picking mates, using much energy this time of year, so keep good clean feed in front of them.  This is a great time to take down feeders and clean them well.  Nesting space is important and we have just the ticket: Little Farm in the Woods, of Medina, has nesting bags made of Alpaca wool and they make a great addition for the bird nests.  Put one out and watch it disappear into your trees.

Spring has sprung and April is just around the corner.  We would love to see you all.  Stop in and visit, and check out all the new and awesome things happening at Boyerts.

Happy gardening and Live the dream!!

Mike & Patti

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