Fall brings a reprieve with cooler weather and a change in nature’s color scheme – there’s still time for more gardening!


  • Now is the ideal time to seed a new lawn, or reseed bare spots.
  • Apply a slow-release fall fertilizer (Step 4 from Scott’s LawnPro or Greenview) for a strong lawn leading into winter. It’s also great for newly seeded lawns.
  • Reapply Scott’s GrubEx or Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus if you applied earlier this spring to kill grubs, Japanese Beetle larvae, and other turf-feeding insects on contact.


  • Plant perennials and groundcovers.
  • Plant garden mums.
  • Start bringing in houseplants and herbs before frost.
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs such as tulips and daffodils.
  • Record gardening successes and failures now for reference next growing season.
  • Cut back spent perennials.
  • Harvest green tomatoes before a killing frost. Ripen in a warm place away from direct sunlight.
  • Dig and store summer blooming bulbs such as gladiolus, dahlias, and cannas.
  • Potatoes are ready for harvest when their tops begin to brown.
  • After garden clean up, plant a cover crop of winter rye to condition the soil and prevent soil loss.
  • Final harvest of tomatoes, beans, blueberries and summer squash
  • Plant a second crop of broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and beets.


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