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Farm Fresh Meat & Eggs

Since 1985, we have been raising cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys at Boyert’s 125-acre farm on Paradise Rd in Seville, OH. Our grain-fed and pasture-raised beef, pork and poultry is available for purchase in whole, half and quarter sides. We raise cage-free chickens providing fresh brown (sometimes blue) eggs collected daily and refrigerated at the Greenhouse. Enjoy the fresh taste and tenderness of locally grown, all natural meat from our farm to your table.

Order deadlines by type of meat are listed below, after which cuts can be specified with our local butcher. Meat is flash frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve nutritional value, with the exception of turkeys which are sold fresh for Thanksgiving only. Please call for pricing and availability, 330-725-3509. Due to limited stock, orders are filled on a first come first serve.

Our Commitment

Elected to the Ohio Farm Bureau State board of trustees in November 2015, Mike works with Ohio’s 88 county boards at the local, state and national level who make decisions that impact farming and their communities. We have a very strong passion for agriculture and we believe in what farmers do: provide food, resources and jobs for our communities. In fact, one in seven jobs in Ohio is rooted in agriculture.

Order deadline:
May 10th for June pickup.
Call for later availability.
Order deadline:
February 15th for March

Chickens are available in
summer and fall.
Eggs available year round.
Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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