2016 Tomato List

Indeterminate – Pole or stake type. Tomato plants keep producing leaves and stems often until killed by frost. Tomatoes in all stages of development will be on the vine and harvest may last several months. These plants need tall stakes, trellis or wire cages.
Determinate – Bush type. Tomato plans have vines that grow little once fruit is set. All the fruit develops at about the same time. These plants can grow without support or with short stakes or cages.

Disease Tolerance
V – Verticillium
F – Fusarium Wilt Race 1
F1 & 2 – Fusarium Wilt Races 1 & 2
N – Nematodes
T – Tobacco Mosaic Virus

1. Abe Lincoln – HEIRLOOM 77 days. Bright red, round, smooth, 16+ oz., meaty fruits with few seeds. Bronzy green leaves. Indeterminate.

2. Aker’s West Virginia – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Midwest heirloom, high yields of smooth 1 lb. red fruits with rich flavor. Indeterminate

3. Amish Paste – HEIRLOOM 85 days. An Amish heirloom variety with paste type fruit and outstanding sweet flavor. Fruit are oblong oxheart shaped. Indeterminate

4. Anna Russian – HEIRLOOM 70 days. Pink-red oxheart fruits weighing 16 oz. with an outstanding juicy taste. Very early. Indeterminate.

5. Arkansas Traveler – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Heat- and drought-tolerant variety from the Ozarks. Heavy yields of red fruit with a pinkish cast and a mild flavor. Resistant to cracking and disease. Indeterminate

6. Ball’s Beefsteak – 72 days. VF1&2T. Very large flattened, solid, meaty juicy bright red fruits( 12-15 oz.), excellent slicer with rich sub-acid flavor. Grow staked, caged or as a bush. Indeterminate.

7. Beefy Boy – 70 days. Extra-large 12- to 16-ounce red, beefsteak type tomato with a superb taste– more solids and less gel than most tomatoes of this size. Indeterminate.

8. Beefmaster – 80 days. VFN. Large red meaty beefsteak type tomatoes, good-flavored, can weigh up to 2 lbs. Good tolerance to cracking & peeling. Indeterminate.

9. Belgium Giant – HEIRLOOM 82-90 days. Developed in Ohio in this variety is known mostly for its size and delicious flavor. Dark pink fruit that averages 2-lbs. (but can get to 5 lbs.) is meaty with few seeds, have smooth blossom ends & low acid. Great for cooking and canning. Indeterminate.

10. Better Boy – 73 days. VFN. Most popular hybrid. Spectacular midseason deep red 8 oz. tomatoes are plump & juicy with excellent flavor. Indeterminate

11. Better Bush – 70-75 days. Compact plants grow just 3-3.5’ tall making them excellent for containers and small spaces. Long harvest season. 5 oz. fruits have a juicy consistency and great garden-fresh flavor!

12. Big Beef – 73 days VF1&2NT. 1994 All-American Selection Winner. Best All around tomato. Old-fashioned rich flavor, large (10-12 oz.) red fruits. Grows in any climate. Large yields – Indeterminate

13. Big Boy (Burpee) – 78 days. Perfect, large red fruits weigh in at 8-9 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more, has a wonderful aroma and rich flavor. Healthy, indeterminate vines produce all summer long.

14. Big Mama – 80 days. All American Selection Winner – Enormous, paste-type, plum-shaped tomato that is meaty and practically seedless with fruits up to 5” long and 3” across, 5-6 oz. Indeterminate

15. Biltmore – 70 days. Large 10 oz., very firm fruit with good crack tolerance. A terrific tomato for canning, juicing, or eating fresh. Semi determinate

16. Black Krim – HERILOOM 70-90 days. Large, 8-12 oz. flattened, dark red-purple fruit with a delicate skin and green shoulders. Very juicy, green-tinted flesh. Heavy producer must be staked or caged. Indeterminate.

17. Black Prince – HEIRLOOM 70 days. A Russian heirloom, these deep garnet round, 3-5 oz. tomatoes are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors. The small fruits contain deep rich colors on the inside. Perfect for patio gardens. Perfect for eating fresh and in tomato sauce. Less cracking than other heirlooms.

18. Box Car Willie – HEIRLOOM 80 days. This variety has smooth red tomatoes with old fashioned flavor. 10 oz. fruits. Indeterminate.

19. Brandy Boy Hybrid – 78 days. Loads of large pink-red fruits, 7-10 oz., that ripen evenly, have a thin skin and that same incredible Brandywine flavor. Better yet the plants sport an upright more manageable growth habit. If you love heirloom tomatoes, and especially the rich, tangy-sweet taste of Brandywine, don’t miss Brandy Boy! Indeterminate

20. Brandywine – HEIRLOOM 75-80 days. Flat, globe-type tomato, sweet old time flavor but not acidic, it is a 10-16 oz. with a thin, pinkish-red skin. Very vigorous. Best if staked, caged, or trellised. Perfect for slicing. Higher yielding in cooler weather. Indeterminate.

21. Bulls Heart (Cuore de Toro) – HEIRLOOM 89 days. This Italian heirloom is abundant with 4”, Oxheart type fruits on vigorous plants and are a colorful pinkish-red with a wonderful sweet flavor. Weighing in at 2 lbs. or more. Indeterminate.

22. Burpee Porterhouse Beefsteak – 80 days. Plump fruits from 2-4 lbs. each. The luscious flesh is deep red all the way through with just the right balance of meaty solids and succulent juice. Smooth texture and rich, old-fashioned flavor make this the greatest extra-large beefsteak. Indeterminate.

23. Celebrity – 72 days VFNTAST All-American Selection Winner. Long popular variety with good flavor. Medium-large 8 oz., firm, red glossy tomatoes. Determinate.

24. Champion II (Bush) – 62 days. VFNT Very sweet & meaty red fruits bred especially for sandwiches (10oz.). One of the earliest full size tomatoes. Compact plants – 24”. Determinate.

25. Chef’s Choice Orange – All American Selections Winner – This hybrid originated with the heirloom Amana Orange and retains that wonderful old-fashioned flavor while adding crack resistance and disease resistance. 9-12 oz. fruits are a bright orange color inside and out. Indeterminate

26. Cherokee Green -HEIRLOOM 86 days. This tomato is like ‘Cherokee Purple’ or ‘Cherokee Chocolate’ in habit, fruit shape, size and flavor, but the interior ripens bright green and the skin takes on a yellowish hue when ripe. Indeterminate

27. Cherokee Purple – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Burgundy colored fruit (10-12oz.) with green shoulder and delicious sweet flavor. Gel around seed stays green with deep burgundy flesh, a beautiful variegation that looks as good as it tastes. Indeterminate

28. Cherry Red Large – HEIRLOOM 72 day. An excellent salad tomato, growing in clusters of 5. High yields of deep scarlet, round, 1 to 1-1/4″ diameter, flavorful fruits all season. Green fruits may be pickled, while ripe ones are used fresh or for preserves. Indeterminate

29. Chocolate Cherry – 70 days. Appearing in clusters of 8 all over this compact vining plant, these miniatures ripen from green to lavender to richest mahogany. They have a fresh-grown flavor and are perfect for eating fresh or scattered on salads. Indeterminate

30. Cuore de Toro (Bull’s Heart) – HEIRLOOM 89 days. This Italian heirloom, a huge, pink Oxheart type, weighs in at a gigantic 2 lbs. or more! Abundant, 4” fruits on vigorous plants are a colorful pinkish-red with a wonderful sweet flavor. Indeterminate.

31. Delicious – HEIRLOOM 77 days. VF Extra large (20 oz.) smooth red tomato, crack resistant great slicer. Indeterminate.

32. Druzba – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Bulgarian heirloom. Round 4” fruits, mature bright red with pink-gold shoulders. Great tart flavor. Indeterminate.

33. Early Girl – 57 days. VF1&2 Extra early full size (4-6 oz.) red slicing tomato meaty, firm texture & blemish resistant skin

34. Eva’s Purple Ball – HEIRLOOM 72 days. German heirloom. Round, dark purple-pink fruits that are blemish-free and weigh 4-6 oz. Very productive. Indeterminate.

35. First Lady II – 66 days. VFNTAST. 6 oz. crack resistant fruit. Very flavorful Disease resistant in cool or warm climates. An improvement on Early Girl. Indeterminate.

36. Fourth of July (Early Doll) – 49 days from transplant. Vines with heavy yields 4 oz. red full flavored fruits. Indeterminate.

37. Fresh Salsa – 65-75 days. You can chop this salsa lover’s tomato into tiny cubes and it well remain perfectly firm and solid yet also sweet. Plum-shaped and dripless, this tomato is meaty making it ideal for tasty salsas, bruschetta’s and light Italian sauces. Determinate bushy plants are loaded with 4-5 oz. fruits.

38. Gardener’s Delight – 72 days. German bred prize winning red cherry variety producing bunches of ¾” diameter fruits. Hardy vines bear until frost. Crack resistant. Indeterminate.

39. German Johnson – HEIRLOOM 80 days. A large, prolific plant originating in Virginia and North Carolina that produces huge, pink, beefsteak type tomatoes often more than 1-pound. The flavor is excellent. One of the highest rated pinks for flavor and yield.

40. German Red Strawberry – HEIRLOOM 85 days. 3 ½” long, 10 oz. fruits that are shaped like strawberries. Delicious flavor. Indeterminate.

41. Golden Jubilee – HEIRLOOM 72 days. This is a large golden-orange round beefsteak tomato. Jubilee is an AAS winner from 1943. Heavy yields. The 6-7 oz., smooth, globular fruit have a mild, non-acid flavor with a meaty thick-walled interior. Few seeds. Mild flavor & low acidity make it one of the best varieties for tomato juice. Indeterminate.

42. Goliath Hybrid – 65 days VFFNTAST. Crack and disease resistant. Deep red oblate 10-15 oz. fruit with sweet flavor. Indeterminate.

43. Grape Tomato – 60 days. Long, grape-like clusters of brilliant red elongated cherry tomatoes. Very sweet, complex flavor is delicious and has made these tomatoes a favorite of people everywhere. These are the pint size supermarket favorite!! Crack-resistant and tolerant to heat and a number of tomato diseases. Indeterminate

44. Great White – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Large, white 10-12oz. beefsteak tomato with sweet flavor and lots of juice. Heavy foliage provides good protection against sunscald on the fruit. Low acid. Indeterminate

45. Green Giant – HEIRLOOM 85 days. German heirloom. 1-2 lb., lime green, smooth, oblate fruit. A light green when ripe, turns to an amber green as it ripens further. Delicious melon-sweet flavors. Very good salad tomato or salsa tomato. Also make a great sauce tomato. Indeterminate

46. Green Zebra – HEIRLOOM 72 days. Green striped, 3-4 oz. fruits have a tangy flavor. Ripe when yellow blush emerges. Excellent for salads, sandwiches, pickling, and sauces. An heirloom variety from the USA. Indeterminate.

47. Health Kick – 72 days. The perfect saladette variety- healthy, fine-flavored, with fruits of the brightest red, thanks to the antioxidant lycopene. Health Kick has 50% more lycopene than your average tomato. Juicy, plum-shaped fruits weigh about 4 oz. Determinate

48. Heinz 1493 – HEIRLOOM 70 days. VFA. Smooth, slightly flattened 6 oz. globes, Great for purees and sauces. Determinate

49. Hillbilly (potato leaf) – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Ancient heirloom from West Virginia. Huge mild flavored beefsteak type fruits weigh 1-2 lbs. each. Colored a most unusually orange-yellow streaked & mottled in shade of red & pink. Indeterminate.

50. Hungarian Heart – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Huge pink oxheart tomatoes with very few seeds and area crack-resistant. Use for fresh eating, canning or sauces. Indeterminate

51. Husky Cherry Red – 65 days. Season-long production of outstanding fruits, 1” in size and featuring excellent flavor. Dwarf indeterminate habit makes it perfect for small spaces and containers.

52. Ice – 65 days. 1 ½” ivory fruit with a melt in your mouth flavor. Indeterminate

53. Indigo Kumquat – 75 days. Tangerine-orange, oval shaped fruits, with purple shoulders. Fruits are 1 oz. and grow in clusters of up to 8. Very high in anthocyanin (a powerful antioxidant with disease fighting properties). Indeterminate

54. Indigo Rose – 80 days. Stunning 2 ½” jet black fruit with a dark red flesh. Very vigorous growing in clusters of 6-8 fruits. Stunning edible and ornamental jet black tomato with purple-tinged foliage. Allow fruits to fully ripen for complex aromatic flavor; fruits are usually ready later in the season when they turn from shiny black to matte purple. Vigorous and disease-resistant. Semi-determinate Good container variety

55. Italian Sweet – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Huge, luscious red beefsteak tomatoes on tall plants can grow up to 2 lb fruits although most are about 1 lb. Potato leaf heirloom plants produce tomatoes with excellent sweet, juicy Italian flavor. This tomato stands out as exceptional for flavor and texture. Delicious! Indeterminate.

56. Jersey Devil – HEIRLOOM 80 days. This prolific variety has 4-6” long, tapered red fruits shapes like banana peppers. The tomatoes are very meaty and sweet with few seeds—great for sauces, salsas, and just eating fresh.

57. Jet Star – 72 days V. High yields of red, globe-shaped, 6-8 oz. fruit have greatcolor and excellent flavor. Very low acid content. Indeterminate.

58. Jolly – 70-75 days. AAS winner, sweet meaty pink fruited cherry type. Exceptionally sweet, 1-1 ½ oz. fruits, not prone to cracking. Indeterminate.

59. Juliet Hybrid – 60 days. Clusters of 1-1.5oz., juicy, red elongated tomatoes on long, vigorous vines. Less cracking than other cherry types. All-America Selections winner. Indeterminate.

60. Kalman’s Hungarian Pink – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Originally coming from Europe this 8oz. pink, oval shaped tomato has an outstanding, rich, sweet flavor. Fruit is meaty and can be used as a slicer as well as a large, juicy paste tomato. Produce well into the late season. Indeterminate

61. La Roma III – 76 days. VFFNA One of the best “Italian-type” tomatoes. Excellent for making tomato puree, paste, and sauce. Big yields of 5-8oz. fruit on large, vigorous plants with excellent disease resistance. Larger fruit and healthier plants than the standard Roma. Determinate.

62. Lemon Boy – 72 days. VFN. These plants produce unusually colored, eye-catching tomatoes with wonderful flavor. Lemon Boy is perfect for slicing to reveal the delicious, lemon-colored flesh. Unique, lemon yellow skinned, 7oz. tomatoes. Indeterminate.

63. Lilian’s Yellow – HEIRLOOM 95 days. This Tennessee heirloom is a clear-yellow, globe-shaped, beefsteak-type tomato with mild flesh that so rich in flavor. Heavy yields of large 1 pound. Indeterminate.

64. Long Keeper – HEIRLOOM 78 days Excellent for keeping (6-12 weeks) over. Heavy producer of 6oz. orange-red skinned fruits with red flesh. Determinate.

65. Marglobe – HEIRLOOM 72 days. Produces a huge crop of perfectly round, smooth, solid fleshed red tomatoes typically 8-10oz. An excellent tomato for slicing or canning. Determinate.

66. Mexico – HEIRLOOM 79 days. Very large, prolific plants that yield huge sets of 1-2 pound, slightly flattened, irregular-shaped, dark-pink beefsteak tomatoes with terrific bold, tomato flavors. Sweet, yet acidic. Indeterminate

67. Mighty Sweet – 55 days. These super-sweet little 2 oz. grape-type tomatoes are not only flavorful but also loaded with big time nutrition: high in flavanoids, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and other phytonutrients. This determinate grape tomato is a prolific producer of snack-ready fruit.

68. Monster – 80 days. Stake this variety well to support the monster fruits which average 24 oz. each. Meaty, deep red, full-flavored fruits will be the envy of your neighbors. A real prize winner. One tomato slice will cover a whole slice of bread. Indeterminate

69. Mortgage Lifter – HEIRLOOM 82 days. The Mortgage Lifter tomato was developed in the early 1930’s in Logan, West Virginia. It is a cross of four of the largest tomatoes found then- German Johnson, Beefsteak, an Italian variety, and an English variety. This large, meaty, mild-flavored tomato has few seeds and is the perfect tomato-sandwich tomato. Indeterminate plants bear pinkish-red, two and a half to four pound tomatoes all summer long. Indeterminate.

70. Mr. Stripey (Flame) – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Red & yellow striped beefsteak variety. 1 lb. fruits with mild flavor & low acid. Indeterminate.

71. Old German – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Plant produces good yields of 2 lb golden-yellow tomatoes with red and pink stripes. It is very sweet with excellent flavor and is one of the best slicing tomatoes on the market. A Mennonite heirloom from Virginia, USA. Tomato lovers should add this variety to their garden. Indeterminate.

72. Opalka – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Poland heirloom. This is one of the best paste tomatoes because it makes sauce so good and sweet that you wouldn’t even have to add flavoring to it. Tomatoes are large (5”), and shaped like a banana pepper. Fruit has very few seeds and is extremely meaty with a rich, sweet flavor. These tomatoes are good to eat fresh also. Indeterminate

73. Oregon Spring – HEIRLOOM 60 days. Early variety that sets loads of 5-6 oz. meaty red fruits with excellent flavor. Nearly seedless. Determinate.

74. Oxheart – HEIRLOOM 85 days. An old-fashioned heirloom favorite with heart-shaped pink fruit that weigh up to 1 pound. Very meaty flesh contains few seeds making this a favorite for slicing and for sandwiches. Good flavor and productivity. Indeterminate.

75. Parks Whopper – 72 days. A smooth skinned beefsteak that is excellent for slicing and the perfect way to top a burger hot off the grill! This tomato stood out in trials with its early and abundant yield of meaty, delicious fruits. Weight 14-18oz. Indeterminate

76. Persimmon – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Large, plump, golden orange fruit with great flavor and good eye appeal. Indeterminate.

77. Pineapple – HEIRLOOM 85 to 95 days. The best-tasting heirloom tomato. Pineapple is a beefsteak type with huge yellow-gold fruit often striped in red and boasting fewer seeds and more solids. Very high-yielding, this 2 pound colossal Tomato is as fascinating to look at as it is delicious to eat. It has a strong Tomato aroma and fruity aftertaste. Indeterminate.

78. Pink Girl – 76 days. Plant produces good yields of very flavorful and juicy 8 oz pink tomatoes. Tomatoes turn pink when mature and have a very pleasant taste. Excellent in salads or sandwiches. Disease Resistant Indeterminate

79. Polish Linguisa – HEIRLOOM 73 days. Huge 9 oz. sausage shape tomatoes. Delicious fresh or used for sauce. Heavy yields. Indeterminate.

80. Pruden’s Purple – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Large, dark pink fruit that mature quite early, with delicious flavor and good production. Indeterminate

81. Red Cherry Large – 72 days. An excellent salad tomato, with clusters of 5 on spreading, hardy vines, with dark green foliage. Full-season, high yields of deep scarlet, round, 1 to 1-1/4″ diameter, flavorful fruits. Green fruits may be pickled, while ripe ones are used fresh or for preserves. Indeterminate

82. Red Lightning – HEIRLOOM 82 days. A vast improvement on ‘Red Zebra,’ an heirloom from which it is derived, ‘Red Lightning’ loads up with brilliant red 2 1/2-3″ fruits that are consistently covered with “”hand painted”” yellow stripes. The flavor is sweet, tangy and with a rich aroma. Vigorous plants grow 5′ tall, producing tomatoes continuously until fall. Indeterminate.

83. Red Pear – HEIRLOOM 70 days. One of the rarest heirloom varieties grown today. Heavy yield of small (1oz.) red pear shaped fruits with few seeds. Perfect for salads, sauces or pickles. Determinate.

84. Red Zebra – 77 days. 2 ½” fruits that are fire engine red with yellow stripes. Very uniform and sweet. Indeterminate.

85. Reisentraube – HEIRLOOM 80 days. This German heirloom variety means “giant bunch of grapes”. Bouquet-type blossoms turn into bunches of 30-40 small oval red fruit with pointed ends. Flavor is excellent, offering taste found in larger tomatoes. Indeterminate

86. Richardson – HEIRLOOM 90 days. Grown by the Richardson family in Tennessee for many years. Regular-leaf, tomato plants yield GIGANTIC, 5-inch, 1-3 pound, smooth, dark-pink, very meaty beefsteak tomatoes with an abundance of pronounced, complex, well-balanced, sweet/acidy flavor. A good showplace tomato. An even better bragging tomato. A perfect choice for slicing into a sandwich tomato or salad tomato. Indeterminate

87. Rocky – HEIRLOOM 75 days. This heirloom is an incredibly large paste tomato, with each meaty fruit growing to 6” long and weighing between 8 and 12 ounces. They have a very well balanced, full tomato flavor and are perfect for cooking into sauce, but delicious enough to eat fresh. Indeterminate

88. Roma – 75 days. Heavy crop of red pear-shaped (1.5-2.0oz.) fruits, meaty, perfect for sauces, pastes & ketchup. Determinate.

89. Rose de Berne – HEIRLOOM 75 days. A Swiss heirloom, this dark pink tomato is shaped like a perfect globe, smooth and round with no blemishes. Fruits are medium size, 6-8oz., and boast flavor that is as impressive as its appearance. Thin skinned, juicy, and filled with sweet flavor that is balanced with a bit of zing. Indeterminate.

90. Rutgers – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Rutgers was developed by the Campbell Soup Company in 1928 from a cross of Marglobe and J.T.D. A short, bushy, compact, determinate tomato plant that yields 7 oz., dark-red tomatoes with thick walls that are loaded with delicious flavors. Excellent tomato for canning. Disease Resistant.

91. San Marzano – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Coming from a small town near Naples, Italy, San Marzano tomatoes are considered by many chefs to be the best sauce tomatoes in the world. Compared to the Roma Tomatoes with which most people are familiar, Marzano tomatoes are thinner and pointier in shape. The red flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste is much stronger, sweeter and less acidic. (5-8oz.) Holds well on the vine and in storage. Extra-high solid content is perfect for canning. Indeterminate.

92. Sausage – HEIRLOOM 75 days. Plant produces good yields of large 6″ long red tomatoes. Very flavorful. Excellent for making ketchup, paste, and sauces. Also suitable for canning. Indeterminate

93. Sioux – HEIRLOOM 70 days. Incredible flavor and reliably large harvests even in hot weather. This red tomato has a flavor that’s sweet yet tangy and full of vitamins. (6oz.) Indeterminate

94. Slabaugh’s Famous Strawberry – HEIRLOOM Large meaty heart shaped pink tomato. Grows to 5-6’ tall. Fruit averages 2.5 lbs. and is great sliced or used when canning. Heavy yields. Indeterminate.

95. Snow White – HEIRLOOM 75 Days. Ivory-white 1 ½” fruits that ripen to pale yellow. Sweet flavor. A great snacking tomato or salad tomato. Indeterminate.

96. Stump of the World – HEIRLOOM 80 days. Dark pink beefsteak fruit reach about one pound and grow on potato-leaved vines. Stump of the World is a bit smaller and more productive than Brandywine, but like Brandywine, offers outstandingly rich, complex flavor. Indeterminate.

97. Stupice – HEIRLOOM 52 days. A native of Czechoslovakia, where its extreme earliness, tolerance to cold, superior flavor and high yields have earned it worldwide attention. Averages 87 fruits per plant. Tomatoes (2 inches) have a sugary sweet flavor. Indeterminate

98. Sun Gold Hybrid – 57 days. Thin-skinned bite sized golden fruits, sweet & juicy. Exceptional yields, one of the sweetest tomatoes. Indeterminate

99. Sunny Goliath – HEIRLOOM 70 days. Plant produces good yields of 6-7 oz globe-shaped, yellow gold tomatoes. The tomatoes are firm and flavorful, and have low acid content. Excellent for salads and slicing. Indeterminate

100. Super Italian Paste – HEIRLOOM 73 days Paste tomatoes shaped like banana peppers are about 6” long, deep orange-red and sweet with very little juice and few seeds. These tomatoes are all meat and make great paste and sauce. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate.

101. Super Marzano –90 days. 5 oz. paste-type, red tomatoes with few seeds. Great for sauce. Indeterminate.

102. Super Fantastic – 70 days. Large, round red tomatoes all season long. 10 oz. tomatoes are juicy, meaty, and very flavorful. Indeterminate

103. Super Sauce – Weighing in at 2-lbs., Super Sauce produces gallons of luscious, seedless sauce from a single plant harvest—one tomato fills an entire sauce jar. Super Sauce is delicious and versatile as a salad tomato, and is perfect for a meaty and tasty hamburger slice. Easy-to-grow, indeterminate, disease-free plants yield a summer long supply of the exquisitely-flavored marinara, tomato gravy or meat sauce plus plenty for slicing and salads.

104. Supersonic – 70 days VF. Big, red fruits with flavor, size and quality! Midseason fruits are firm, meaty, very large and slightly oblate in shape – smooth, with excellent resistance to cracking. Indeterminate.

105. Supersteak Hybrid – 80 days VFN. The Burpee’s Super Tomato is a tremendous yielding tomato variety that is smooth, mild, and meaty and ripens uniformly to a deep scarlet. Fruits weigh 1-2 pounds. One slice fills a sandwich or hamburger roll. Indeterminate

106. Supersweet 100 – 65 days. This hybrid plant produces long strands of 100 or more super-sweet cherry tomatoes, weighing about 1 oz. and measuring 1” each. Extra-high in Vitamin C. Bears fruit throughout the season. Indeterminate.

107. Sweet 100 – 65 days. Bears 100 or more 1” sweet, red fruit – smaller than cherry tomatoes – in clusters on long branches.

108. Sweet Chelsea – 64 days. Large cherry tomatoes all season long. Very sweet. Excellent for salads and snacks. Drought tolerant. Crack Resistant. Indeterminate

109. Thessaloniki – HEIRLOOM 66 days. Great slightly acidic taste. 6 oz. fruits. Resists sun scald and cracking. Indeterminate.

110. Viva Italia Hybrid – 72 days Plant produces good yields of very flavorful and solid red plum shaped 3oz. fruit. Tomatoes turn deep red when mature. This variety is excellent for eating fresh, as well for canning & freezing, and making paste, sauce, and salsa. Disease Resistant: VFFNA, Bacterial Speck. Determinate.

111. White Queen – HEIRLOOM 85 days. Beefsteak-style fruit weighs to 10 oz. Some fruits have a pink blush or streaks that ripen to a pale creamy yellow. Great for gourmet salads or sandwiches. Indeterminate

112. Whopper (Park’s) – 65 days. Early, red tomato (12 oz. and larger) with good flavor. Disease and crack resistant. Indeterminate

113. Yellow Brandywine – HEIRLOOM 95 days. Large, yellow fruits are 1-1 ½ lbs. Rich and delicious flavor. Indeterminate

114. Yellow Pear – HEIRLOOM 78 days. This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant, which bears enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres. Indeterminate.

Tomatillo – The tomatillo is a member of the tomato family, but not a real tomato.

1. Ground Cherry – HEIRLOOM 70 days. Husk tomato that ripens orange. Loved in pies. Low growing prolific vine.

2. Tomatillo Verde – 60 days. Green 2-3” fruit has a unique sweet-sour flavor and is encased in a papery husk. Vines grow 8 feet.

3. Tasty Gold – HUSK CHERRY Also known as ‘Dwarf Cape Gooseberry’ this tomatillo yields large quantities of 1” round, golden fruits that are great in salsa.

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