2020 Sweet Pepper List

  1. ARCHEMEDIES76 days. Thick-walled green to red hybrid with large, blocky fruit. Ripens green to red. Fruit size is 4 x 4.5”.


  1. ARISTOTLE 72 days. 4” x 5”.  A green to red blocky bell with tremendous yield potential because of its very heavy set, thick walls and extra-large fruit size.  Aristotle grows on a vigorous plant that produces beautiful dark green fruit.  Performs well when stressed. F1


  1. BABY RED – 60 days. HEIRLOOM Miniature bell, 1½ x 1½”, 3 lobe, thick flesh, green to red, terrific taste, for the gourmet.


  1. BABY YELLOW – 60 days. HEIRLOOM Miniature bell, 1½ x 1½”, 3 lobe, thick flesh, green to yellow, terrific taste, for the gourmet.


  1. BANANARAMA – 70 days. Big, meaty banana peppers on small plants. Peppers start yellow and mature to orange-red; can be picked at any time.


  1. BETTER BELLE II – 65 days. Blocky and thick walled these 4-lobed green peppers are very sweet and plants are vigorous throughout the season. 5” x 3.5”  F1


  1. BIG BERTHA70 days. One of the most popular for fresh market, home gardens, and gourmet chefs.  Extra-large, mostly 4-lobed, superior fruits mature up to a full 7” long by 3.5” across, turning deep green to red, with full-season fruiting.  F1


  1. BIG DADDY – 73 days. These huge 8-10″ sweet Marconi peppers are glossy golden yellow, thick-walled and crispy sweet. The strong 18-24″ plants hold the hefty fruits high for easy pepper picking. F1


  1. BIG RED – 75 days. Plant produces high yields of large, 3-4 lobed, sweet bell peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Peppers have thick flesh and are very sweet. Excellent for salads and stuffing. HEIRLOOM


  1. BLUSHING BEAUTY72 days All American Selections Winner. Fruits start out ivory white, then brighten to a soft gold, blushing to a bright gold with a red dusting, deepening to a glossy orange red, and finally darkening to a bright red at full maturity when 4” x 4”.  Fruits are thick and extra-sweet.  Heavy, meaty, 4-lobed fruit can be used at any stage of maturity. F1


  1. CALIFORNIA WONDER – 75 days. Deep green to red, thick-walled with an attractive glossy flesh.  Fruits are medium-sized, 4” x 4”, 3 to 4-lobed, smooth and blocky.  A nice stuffer, with high yields. HEIRLOOM


  1. CARMEN F1All American Selection 2006 – 55-68 days; Italian bull’s horn style, 6” long, very sweet raw or cooked, ripening green to dark red. F1


  1. CHOCOLATE BEAUTY70 days; bell type, deep brown color, non-pungent. Tobacco Mosaic resistant.   5” x 4.25”. HEIRLOOM


  1. CORNO DI TORO GIALLONew for 2020 72 days. Italian-type bull-horn shaped pepper. Ripens green/yellow with a sweet and spicy flavor. Large plants yield well.


  1. COSTA RICAN SWEET70 days. A large Marconi type, pick when the skin turns deep ruby red.  Great in salads and sliced in strips for dips.  Also tasty when roasted or grilled.   5” x 6”. HEIRLOOM


  1. CUBANELLE65 days. Yellow-green, frying type pepper.  6” long fruits have thin walls and waxy flesh.  Excellent split and fried in olive oil but also a sweet and crisp addition to salads. HEIRLOOM


  1. EARLY SUNSATION70 days. Big, blocky bell peppers mature green and then turn golden-yellow in 2 more weeks.  5” x 4.5” these peppers are smooth and well shaped.  Extra sweet when fully yellow. F1


  1. EXCURSION II75 days. 5” x 4.5” dark green to red bell pepper.  Fruit is extra large and blocky, mostly 4 lobed with thick walls.  F1
  1. GIANT ACONCAGUA70 days. The longest of all sweet peppers, up to 11”.  Sweet flavor.  Use in salads, stir-fry, or roasted and stuffed.  Flavor is best when picked at the light green stage. HEIRLOOM


  1. GIANT MARCONI72 days All American Selections Winner Large tapering bell, with a sweet, smoky flavor that can be used fresh or cooked. Withstands cold, wet and drought!  Ripens green to red.   8” x 3”. F1
  1. GIANT SZEGEDI75 days. Wedge-shaped sweet pepper starts out white then deepens to orange and red when fully ripe.  Pendant fruit is 4.5” long with thick, sweet flesh and produces abundantly even in cooler weather.
  1. GOLDEN CALIFORNIA WONDER73 days Golden-yellow at full maturity, these peppers are thick-walled, meaty, and really sweet and tasty. Square-shaped fruits are about 4″ long and wide, and grow upright on healthy plants.  HEIRLOOM


  1. GYPSY60 days, All American Selections Winner. Hybrid. Outstanding yields, good looks and flavor combine with earliness to make this a great pepper.  Wedge-shaped fruit is 3-5” long, pale yellow maturing to orange-red; very sweet when ripe. F1
  1. HUNGARIAN SUNSHINE – 55 days. Fruit size is 3″ x 6″ with a slight taper to the tip but still somewhat blocky with a light yellow color.  Heavy yields if kept picked.  Out performs Romanian Sweet. F1


  1. JIMMY NARDELLO’S SWEET ITALIAN FRYING PEPPER – 75 days. Best for frying; 10-12” long, wrinkled non-bell peppers; ripens green to red – sweet – no heat.  Great for salads, cooking into stir fries or fresh.  Very sweet with extra-large yields. HEIRLOOM
  1. KARMA HYBRID – 68 days. Heavy yields, large 6 x 4-inch peppers, showy dark-green-to-bright-red color, and thick walls. These TMV-resistant plants reach 25 to 35 inches tall and need staking to support their huge bounty. Juicy, sweet flavor with no aftertaste! F1


  1. KEYSTONE GIANT 75 days. Large fruits 4.5” x 3.5”, are 4-lobed and thick-walled; perfect for stuffing! Plants bear heavily, even when under stress.  Ripens dark green to red. HEIRLOOM
  1. KING ARTHUR (Fat & Sassy) Very large, 4-lobed blocky bell pepper becomes 4 1/2 -in. long and wide and seems to set well even in heat. 60 days green; 75 days red. F1


  1. LADY BELL – 71 days. Rich green, 3 to 4-lobed peppers measuring 4” x 3.5”. Ripens green to red. HEIRLOOM


  1. MAMA MI GIALLONew for 2020 85 days. All American Selections Winner Early maturing yellow sweet Italian pepper. 6” long tapered fruits have an easy to remove skin. Sweet flavor that is excellent either fresh, grilled or roasted. Compact plants are ideal for the patio.


  1. NORTHSTAR – 60 days. Extremely early, and ideal for short-season areas.  Deep green, blocky fruits become bright red at full maturity.  4” x 4”. F1
  1. ORANGE BLAZE – 70 days. All American Selections Winner. ‘Orange Blaze’ is a winner for great flavor, early maturity, easy growing and remarkable disease resistance. 2-3 lobed fruits are 4” long and 1.5” wide—sweet flavor and texture at harvest. F1
  1. ORANGE KING – 90 days. Tall, thick-walled, orange, super sweet pepper. A very good stuffing bell, also great on the grill.  This pepper grows sturdy and strong but may need staking once fruit reaches mature stage.   5” x 7” size fruit. HEIRLOOM


  1. ORANGE SUN – 80 days. Deep orange bell pepper is from 4 to 5” long and not quite as wide. Thick walls and very sweet flavor make this a wonderful addition to salads, stir fries, or any use when color and sweet taste are desired. HEIRLOOM
  1. PIMENTO ELITE – 73 days. Good yields of heart-shaped, sweet, thick-walled fruit. Delicious flavor when roasted. Ripens green to red. F1


  1. PURPLE BEAUTY – 70 days. 4” x 3 ½” fruits are blocky, thick-walled and dark purple. Compact plants set heavily, with good cover to protect fruits from sunscald. HEIRLOOM


  1. RED BEAUTY – 68 days. Very sweet, blocky, disease resistant, green to red, early prolific variety. 4” x 3.5” F1


  1. RED KNIGHT – 72 days. Big, heavy blocky peppers measure 4.5” long and wide, and mature to red early in the season. Compact plant habit. F1
  1. REVOLUTION – 72 days. Bell pepper variety with extra-large blocky thick-walled fruits that are four-lobed, about 4-1/2 inches long and wide, with firm, thick flesh turning from green to an eventual brilliant red. F1
  1. ROUMANIAN RAINBOW – 60 days. Very early, colorful bell peppers start out as ivory, turn orange, and then finally mature to red.  Fruit is 4-5” long and very sweet.  Great production and continuous fruiting on short, compact plants.
  1. ROUMANIAN SWEET60 days. 2 x 5” tapered, very sweet, ivory to orange to yellow to red with thick walls. HEIRLOOM
  1. SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT77 days. Jumbo blocky bell, excellent fresh or stuffed.  One pepper feeds a crowd!  Ripens green to gold.   5” x 6”
  1. SWEET BANANA – 72 days All American Selections Winner. 5-6” long, Light green ripening to red, very productive. HEIRLOOM
  1. SWEET CHERRY PICK – 68 days; sweet cherry variety is perfect for pickling. Excellent flavor, dark green to red.  Tobacco Mosaic resistant.
  1. SWEET PICKLE – 65 days. 2 inches long, tapered and packed with sweet flavor, they’re super for salads, garnishes, and pickling! Colorful fruits of yellow, orange, red, and purple. Thick-walled and very sweet. A great variety for containers. HEIRLOOM


  1. TRICKED YOU – 90 days. This plant produces large yields of 4” long jalapeno-type peppers that are heatless and turn from green to red when mature. Improved version of Fooled You pepper. Great stuffing pepper, for making homemade salsa and hot sauce. F1


  1. VALENCIA – 70 days for green, 90 days for orange. HEIRLOOM Rich-orange bell peppers are large and blocky, growing to 4.5” long and wide. Thick-walled fruit maintains its firmness and is incredibly sweet when fully ripe.


  1. WIZARD – 73 days. F1 Wizard produces high yields of dark green, blocky, smooth, attractive fruit that mature from green to red.


  1. YUMMY MIX73 days. F1  2” snack-size, baby bell peppers, very sweet, nearly seedless, long keepers, ripen green to orange, red, or yellow. Perfect for veggie trays, stuffed or grilled on skewers.


  1. YUMMY ORANGE – 73 days. F1  2” snack-size, baby bell peppers, very sweet, nearly seedless, long keepers, ripen green to orange. Perfect for veggie trays, stuffed or grilled on skewers.

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