Boyert’s Picks – Roses

///Boyert’s Picks – Roses
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Double Delight

Color: Cream blushing red
Height/Habit: Medium/slightly spreading
Bloom/Size: Large, full
Petal Count: 30 to 35
Fragrance: Strong spicy rose
Variety: Hybrid Tea

Fragrant Cloud

Color: Deep coral red-orange
Height/Habit: Medium-tall/slightly spreading
Bloom/Size: Very large, double
Petal Count: 25 to 30
Fragrance: Strong sweet spice and rose
Variety: Hybrid Tea

Julia Child

Color: Butter Gold
Height/Habit: Medium/very rounded and bushy
Bloom/Size: Medium, very full
Petal Count: 35 plus
Fragrance: Strong licorice candy and spice
Variety: Floribunda

Mister Lincoln

Color: Velvety deep red
Height/Habit: Tall/upright
Bloom/Size: Large, fully double
Petal Count: 30 to 35
Fragrance: Strong damask rose
Variety: Hybrid Tea


Color: Lemony yellow with edged pure pink
Height/Habit: Medium/upright
Bloom/Size: Very large, very full
Petal Count: 40 to 45
Fragrance: Mild fruity
Variety: Hybrid Tea


Color: Clear coral orange
Height/Habit: Medium-tall/spreading
Bloom/Size: Large, fully double
Petal Count: 30 to 35
Fragrance: Strong clove and spice
Variety: Hybrid Tea

Weeks Rose Varieties for 2017

Anna’s Promise
Class: Grandiflora
Color: Golden petals with a pink blush and a glowing bronze reverse

Pretty Lady Rose
Class: Hybrid Tea
Color: Deep pink

Violet’s Pride
Class: Floribunda
Color: Lavender with magenta heart

Edith’s Darling
Class: Small shrub
Color: Soft apricot-gold

About Face – Tall and vibrant bi-color grandiflora with golden-orangey inside/bronzey-red outside bloom
All My Loving – Tall and slightly spreading hybrid tea with light red to dark pink bloom
Chrysler Imperial – Medium hybrid tea with velvety dark red bloom
Coretta Scott King – Tall and bushy grandiflora with creamy white blushing coral-orange bloom
Dick Clark – Broadly rounded and bushy grandiflora with cream and cherry blushed burgundy bloom
Double Delight – Slightly spreading with full cream blushing red blooms
Dream Come True – Tall and upright grandiflora with golden yellow edged and blushed with rudy bloom
Falling in Love – Upright and full hybrid tea with warm pink petals and cream reverse
Firefighter – Tall hybrid tea with dusky velvet red bloom
Fragrant Cloud – Medium and bushy hybrid tea with deep coral red-orange bloom
Fragrant Plum – Tall grandiflora with lavender blushing purple bloom
Gemini – Medium and upright hybrid tea with cream blushing coral-pink bloom
Grande Dame – Tall hybrid tea with super saturate rose-pink
Heirloom – Medium hybrid tea with lilac lavender blend
Honor – Very tall hybrid tea with crisp bright white bloom
Just Joey – Medium and rounded hybrid tea with  delicious rich apricot bloom
Lasting Love – Medium hybrid tea with dusky red bloom
Legends – Medium hybrid tea with ruby read bloom
Love – Medium grandiflora with scarlet red with a pure white reverse bloom
Love & Peace – Medium hybrid tea with yellow blushed pink bloom
Mellow Yellow – Medium-tall hybrid tea with clear pure yellow bloom
Melody Parfumee – 5′ grandiflora with plum bloom
Memorial Day – Medium-tall hybrid tea with orchid-pink bloom
Miss All-American Beauty – Medium/bushy hybrid tea with deep hot pink bloom
Miss Congeniality – Medium-tall grandiflora with white bloom with pink picotee
Mister Lincoln – Tall/upright hybrid tea with velvety deep red bloom
Neil Diamond – Tall/upright hybrid tea with pink and bloom with white stripes
Neptune – Medium hybrid tea with rich lavender kissed purple bloom
Olympiad – Medium-tall hybrid tea with spotlight red bloom
Oregold – Medium/upright hybrid tea with deep yellow-gold bloom
Peace – Medium/bushy hybrid tea with lemony yellow edged pure pink bloom
Perfume Delight – Medium-tall hybrid tea with deep rose-pink bloom
Pope John Paul II – Medium-tall hybrid tea with pure white bloom
Pretty Lady Rose – Medium/upright hybrid tea with dark even pink bloom
Secret – Medium/bushy hybrid tea with cream brushed with rich pink bloom
Sedona – 5-51/2′ hybrid tea with coral blend bloom
Smokin’ Hot – Tall/upright hybrid tea with dark orange overlaid with purple smoke and white reverse
St. Patrick – Medium/rounded to upright hybrid tea with yellow-gold shaded green bloom
Strike it Rich – Medium-tall grandiflora with deep golden yellow spun with orange-pink bloom
Sugar Moon – Tall/very upright hybrid tea with super fragrant pure white bloom
Summer Love – Medium/tall hybrid tea with luminous soft yellow bloom
Sunset Celebration – Medium hybrid tea with creamy apricot-amber blend
Sunstruck – Medium-tall/rounded hybrid tea with apricot-gold bloom with patterned yellow reverse
Tahtian Sunset – Medium-tall hybrid tea with apricot yellow blushing pink bloom
Tiffany – Medium-tall hybrid tea with phlox pink and yellow base
Touch of Class – Medium-tall hybrid tea with glowing coral-pink bloom
Tropicana – Medium-tall/spreading hybrid tea with clear coral-orange bloom
Twilight Zone – Medium/rounded grandiflora with deep velvet purple bloom
Veterans’ Honor – Medium-tall hybrid tea with bright red bloom
We Salute You – Medium-tall/bushy hybrid tea with two-toned warm orange & pink bloom

Angel Face – Low/rounded with clear medium lavender blushes ruby
Cinco de Mayo – Medium/rounded with smoky lavender & rusty red-orange blend
Day Breaker – Medium-tall with pastel peach & yellow
Doris Day – Medium with pure even gold-yellow
Drop Dead Red – Medium-tall/upright & bushy with red velvet
Easy Does It – Medium/rounded & bushy with mango, peach & apricot blend
Easy to Please – Medium-tall/upright with fuchsia pink bloom with lighter reverse
Ebb Tide – Medium/Upright with smoky deep plum-purple
Hot Cocoa – Medium-tall/rounded with smoky chocolate orange
Julia Child – Medium/very rounded & bushy with butter gold
Jump for Joy – Medium/very rounded & bushy with peachy-pink
Ketchup & Mustard – Medium/rounded & bushy with ketchup red/mustard yellow bi-color
Livin’ Easy – Medium with apricot-orange blend
Oh My! – Medium-tall with deep velvet red
Sparkle & Shine – Medium/rounded with sparkling clear yellow
White Licorice – Medium/upright with fragrant lemon cream bloom

Blaze Improved – climbing canes 12-14′ with pure even red
Don Juan – climbing canes 12-14′ with deep velvety red
Fourth of July – climbing canes 10-14′ with velvety red striped with bright white
Golden Showers – climbing canes 12-14′ with bright clear yellow
Pearly Gates – climbing canes 10-12′ with pastel pearl pink
Purple Splash – climbing canes 10-14′ with wine purple striped with bright white

Edith’s Darling – Short/upright with soft apricot gold and lighter edge

Coffee Bean – 12-16″/rounded with rust & smoke bicolor
Lemon Drop – 16-20″/upright with lemonade yellow
Rainbow’s End – 12-18″/rounded with deep yellow blushing to orange-red
Ruby Ruby – 12-18″/rounded with cherry red

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