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Some simple steps to follow to start growing vegetables from seed:

  • Start seeds in trays filled with sterile seed-starting mix, moistened before planting (or use peat pellets).
  • Plant seeds no more than 1/4″ deep.
  • Water sparingly, enough to keep plants hydrated but not so much that soil is saturated.  Avoid letting plants sit in water that accumulates in the bottom of trays.
  • Keep them in a warm spot, once seeds sprout move plants to a very bright light.  Next to a south or west facing window may be sufficient, but sometimes supplemental light is necessary.  Set up a fluorescent lighting fixture positioned just a few inches from the tops of the young plants.
  • Fertilize with a weak liquid fertilizer once seedings have their first few sets of leaves.

Start your tomato seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before it’s time to plant in your garden.  Keep temps around 75-80 degrees.  Wait 7-10 days for seeds to germinate.

Start peppers and eggplants 8-10 weeks before it’s time to plant in your garden.  Keep temps around 80-90 degrees.  Wait 14-21 days for seeds to germinate.

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